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Friday, May 18, 2018

TREATMENT (part 2)

2 days ago I gave a bit of a history of my treatments. And today I will talk about: What exactly those treatments were,
what they were supposed to do, and
how my body felt during them. I’m not going to include all the details, so don’t hesitate to ask me questions.

1. The first thing after diagnosis that I started with was supplements. I took many vitamins, minerals, probiotics, proteins, and more. The idea with this was to try strengthen my body for the coming treatments. But the supplements did aggravate symptoms like nausea.
2. Next we wanted to do bio resonance treatment. The goal with that would be that one part of the machine reads the wave length of the bacteria, then the other part creates the exact opposite of the bacteria, thus neutralizing the bacteria, and eventually killing it.  However, I did not end up actually starting this treatment, because my case was too complex for that doctor... I think especially because of my psychiatric symptoms.
3. A couple months later, I began antibiotics. This was horrendous. I tried a range of different ones (orally and through IV), but I kept getting sicker. I got to the point where a nurse would come daily to do the infusion. This made all of my symptoms worse. I had a lot of what they call herxheimer reactions. This happens any time you attack Lyme bacteria.  At the same time it nearly killed my gut.

We stopped antibiotic treatments for a 4 month period of time (during my 2 month hospital stay, and for a while after).

4. In the end of this past January I started treatment in Edmonton. This consisted of Hyperbaric oxygen treatment, ozone therapy, more supplements, dietary advice, induced fevers, enemas, detox baths, and more. I spent over 100 hours total in the oxygen chamber (100% pure oxygen). The idea behind this is that Lyme bacteria is anaerobic and therefore it can’t handle any oxygen saturated environment. When I was sitting in the chamber it kind of felt like I was constantly taking off in a airplane. I had to constantly be equalizing the pressure in my ears, by chewing, yawning, blowing my nose, etc. And I always came out feeling exhausted. Because my body would have to work so hard to process that much oxygen. A majority of the other treatments I did were to help my body prep for, and cope with the herxheimers. And to detox the waste and dead bacteria in me.
5. Since I’ve been home I continue on many of the detoxing treatment, as well as diet and supplements.

If you want greater detail on any of it then you can send me a message. But I currently don’t have the mental capacity to explain it all.

Here are just a few pictures of me in treatment:

The firest 4 are of my antibiotics through IV and PICC

A couple of my supplements

The next 2 are of the hyperbaric chamber

Next is the infrared sauna

Next is the infrared lamp with a caster oil pack to detox my liver

Next is the PEMF...an electromagnetic frequency to message and open up my lymphatic system

Next is a picture of the enema prep

The final 2 are from my daily fever inductions (to trick my body into fighting)

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