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Monday, May 14, 2018

Day 14

So today, as a pause from some of the heavier material I’ve been sharing lately, I decided to share a few things that people have done with and for me that have stuck with me.  My goal is to thank a few people each Monday (so don’t worry if you’re not mentioned today).

I’ll start with my family.
Well I actually don’t know where to start with them. They’ve been supporting me since day 1.  A couple things though:
   Dad- Spending over half of the 2 months with me in Edmonton, paying the medical bills (and my phone bill while I don’t have an income), driving me, advocating for me and more.
   Mom- Being willing to try SO MANY ways to cook for my diet, picking up my prescriptions, being my chauffeur, and many more things.
   Ronda- Phone chats, advocating for me, and loving me.
   Naomi- Chats on my bed, fellow Lyme Warrior (so we can relate on a few points), and rocking some of my clothes better than me.
   Anna-  talking late at night, listening, loving, and supporting me.
   Olivia-  daily hangouts, always being willing to help me, and brighten my days.
   Callum- snuggling with me every single day, after school tea in my room, reading to me, doing your homework on my bed every weekend, making art for me, and giving lots of hugs and kisses.

Branches friends- They are willing to have a majority of the get-togethers at my house. They often even sit in my room with me❤️ Every time they are over I feel so glad they are in my life.

Jess- Phone chats, visits, sleep overs when I’m really struggling (on short notice), many gifts (from Seth too). You are a treasure.

Samantha- always down to chat (phone or text), giving thoughtful gifts, cooking me food, saving my life, and loving me.

Mikaela- texting me every day at 11:11 (both times)...if we’re to busy to have a conversation we still send a quick heart, visiting, phone calls, and more

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