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Friday, May 18, 2018

How to walk alongside someone with LYME (or chronic illness)

My friend Jess and I had a chat on this subject, and here is her blog for you to read what she wrote:
She covers a majority of my thoughts, so I’ll keep this post very brief...I’ll write a few things on here though.

A few big things to remember are:

1. BELIEVE US. Especially when your illness is invisible, and in my case also under-recognized and misunderstood, it’s important that our loved ones don’t doubt us.  None of us chose to be sick, and we’re not making stuff up.

2. DON’T ASSUME.  Please don’t assume. Every human on the planet suffers in a unique way. So even if you have the same illness, or have similar symptoms, you may respond differently. Your safest bet, if you’re wondering about something, is to ask questions.

3. CHECK IN.  So many people are really good at texting and/or calling in a crisis, but not long term.  Yes it’s good to check up in a crisis, but often for someone battling a chronic illness, it’s  the daily battles which are the hardest. And when people don’t check in we can easily feel forgotten.

I’m going to leave it at that. But to read more, please do read Jess’s blog.

I’ve also included one more link from the mighty, which has a few more suggestions: