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Friday, May 4, 2018

Less common symptoms

When I was thinking about how I should write this post I decided that the best way would be to speak openly and straight forward.  

I decided to write on this subject because these don’t get talked about often, and yet sometimes these are the incredibly debilitating symptoms that keep us from leading ‘normal’ lives.

1. Full body itching.  Most likely brought on by mast cell activation syndrome....but sometimes it comes out of nowhere. It is often worse at night for me.

2. Mood swings.  This is a really hard one. I can go from calm to angry very quick. And find myself agitated pretty easily. I sometimes feel as though I have little control over this aspect of my life.

3. Hormones.  My periods are a mess. There’s nothing regular about them. And I’ve had it multiple times where I was convinced I would die from the pain.

4. Digestive system.  My digestive system is out of whack. There are a lot of things (including raw vegetables) that my body doesn’t quite know how to deal with. I also struggle with constipation...but the enema does prevent me from getting backed up (that’s not the only purpose of the enema though :p)

5. Under active bladder.   Pretty self explanatory. Basically I’m not getting very many signals to go....so if I didn’t force myself I could go over a day without having to pee.

6. Brain fog.  This can just be simple things like forgetting numbers, or saying the wrong words. But it can also lead to panic attacks and anxiety simply because I can’t carry conversations, and feel like all my knowledge and brains are gone.

7. Poor circulation.  This means my feet are always cold. I also get purple (with white spots) blotches on all my extremities. (This condition is called raynauds).

8. Nightmares.  I won’t go into detail on this one, but basically the very little sleep I do end up getting is often filled with nightmares that leave me feeling very drained.

I’ve also included a few links of symptom lists from other “Lymies”



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